This music video was shot my Insider Film’s director Blake Farber! 

Watch Beyoncé Countdown here —> http://vimeo.com/31105420

Let me sit this ass on you… YONCÉ

Still Ray
Raphael Saadiq

I'm coming home to you.. wear something see thru. So I.. can see.. your heart. 

Still Ray - Raphael Saadiq

Comin’ to break you off…

Shit, we try to live the best of it

So take what you need and leave the rest of it

Write your goals down, what you expect from it? 

Dom Kennedy - Pleeze ft Nipsey Hussle


Casey Veggies & Dom Kennedy - She In My Car ; Started a hustle - now we stars.

I do it Ending: Me Time
2 Chainz

Me Time.

You should be here. 


D’Angelo and Saadiq are timeless.  Just gonna blog music I love. 2 great musicians making incredible music.

She Needs Me
Kendrick Lamar

I need her, we need we.

Da Art Of Storytellin'


OutKast - Da Art Of Storytellin’

This short was dope 17 mins thru the perspective of a computer screen. Well done, premiered at TIFF 2013.

247 | Diamonds | A3 District

Let Me Blow Your Mind choreographed by Roberta Bierman

Would you drop your flight plans to go to an unknown destination? I would do this in a heartbeat. open YOUR world. What would you do? 

My hometown Victoria, BC. 

Alot of staples missing here but here is a quick look at downtown Victoria and surrounding areas, mostly Inner Harbour and Chinatown.

Bon Iver type night. 

When words fail, music speaks.